Welcome to Chris Johnston, teacher and budding Rock Star!

Chris has worked in Jeollabukdo, Korea for a year and learned to like the friendly people there. He also loved shopping there because it seemed like everything was much cheaper. “They have a wonderful culture and there is a lot of historical temples and costumes and traditional food. So I’m glad to have the chance to teach Korean students in New Zealand”.

Chris also admitted, “One of the most challenging aspects of my time in Korea was experiencing homesickness for the first time as I was so far away from family and friends for the first time in my life.
As someone who considers himself very independent, it took some time for me to feel settled into my new surroundings as well as dealing with the language barrier.”

Chris is learning the guitar because he loves Rock Music. One song that he taught his students in Korea was “You are not alone”. This week Chris taught a group of young Japanese students from Tachibana High School. “It was fun, there was a lot of energy”, he commented. “They are young teenagers, very excited to be in NZ for the first time”.