Perfect Pancake Recipe!

If you are a Canterbury College student, and you didn’t make it to last Friday’s Pancake Party, don’t worry! You can still make perfect pancakes at home. I’ll even give you my secret recipe!

Actually, I have two secret recipes!

The first one is homemade pancakes. This recipe is adapted from the very famous New Zealand Cookbook ‘Edmonds Cookbook’ pancake recipe.

Perfect Pancake Recipe Number One.

Camilla's Peach Pancake

Camilla's Peach Filled Pancake



1 Egg

1 cup Milk

1 cup Flour

1/8 teaspoon Salt

Mix the egg and the milk together (it will go a little bit frothy). Add the flour and salt to the milk mixture and mix thoroughly.

Add more milk if you like thin pancakes (like crepes).

Heat your pan to medium to high heat, grease pan with butter and pour pancake batter into pan. Cook until light brown on both sides.

Perfect Pancake Recipe Number Two. 

Just Add Water


1 ½ cup Water

1 Home Brand Pancake Shake Mix (Only available at Countdown)

Add water to the bottle and shake. Sometimes the pancake mix will get stuck in the bottom of the bottle, so turn it upside down and bang the lid on the table, this should dislodge the mix that is stuck.

Heat your pan to medium to high heat, grease pan with butter and pour pancake batter into pan. Cook until light brown on both sides.

Toppings:  Now that you have the perfect pancake recipe, you need to have the perfect pancake toppings. In my family we love the toppings to be very simple – Lemon Juice and Icing Sugar sprinkled on top.

But yummy things to have include:        Banana and whipped Cream, kiwi fruit and icecream or Syrup toppings like Maple syrup or Berry sauce.  Some people even like to have bacon with maple syrup. You can really have whatever you like on pancakes…let your imagination go wild!

Pancake Party

It's all about choosing the right topping

Now that you know the perfect pancake recipe you can try it at home. It’s the perfect thing for a rainy Sunday morning!

Pancake party

Hungy Students Waiting for Pancakes!

Pancakes for lunch

Pancakes taste better when shared!




Burnside Campus Update – with photos

Seems everyone is curious to see inside our new VENUE and  new classrooms!

Just before Level Check, we counted 28 students in 5 classrooms with 4 levels and 10 nationalities. New IELTS intake starting soon!

Elementary – Teacher is Tracy,  6 students (Saudi and Korean)

Pre-Intermediate – Teacher is Magdala, 10 students (Saudi, Jordanian, Bulgarian, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Brazilian and Chilean)

Intermediate – Teacher is Anton, 8 students (Saudi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Brazilian)

Upper Intermediate – Teacher is Kelly, 4 students (Korean, Russian, Ukraine)

Office staff include  Toni (pictured with students), Kate and Doris.

We´ll be visiting soon, near you!

Thanks to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise sponsorship, Canterbury College staff are looking for new students all over the world this month –    Argentina,  Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam,  are just some of the places where we are visiting our retailing agencies, students and families, and NZ government offices where possible.




Meeting face-to-face allows us to update our partners about the latest news of the school and students in Christchurch, and helps our staff to experience directly the cultures of our students, and so to understand their special requirements.

Thanks to Doris, Toni, Kate and David, who are keeping the school operating while we visit our overseas partners!

See you in Class Tomorrow!

The city received an extra shake up this week with two decent sized aftershocks shaking Christchurch. Although there has been some further damage to the eastern suburbs, the western side of Christchurch has remained relatively untouched and the College students and building are all fine.

The good news is, Canterbury College classes were back up and running today (Tuesday 14 June) and full classes will carry on as normal tomorrow (Wednesday 15 June).

All students are encouraged to come to class as normal and we are looking forward to a good day with lots to talk about! Any questions or concerns, please contact the school staff on this temporary number: 021 239 0536

Toni welcomes students at our Burnside Campus

College-wide Level Checks – new dates for 2011

Every 9-10 weeks, all students in the College can check their English Level in our school-wide Level Check.

Level Check Dates for 2011:

Thursday, 2 June 2011
Thursday, 11 August 2011
Thursday, 13 October 2011
Thursday, 15 December 2011

Level checks include Writing, Grammar and Listening Skills. Students need 60% to advance to the next level (70% to advance to Upper Intermediate).

This is in accordance with the Canterbury College Policy of Excellence. We find that students want to learn more quickly, with a systematic approach and high expectations from teachers.

Magdala's gives her Pre-Intermediate students some tips before Level Check

Students are now preparing for the next check, which will take place at the new college venue:

 213 Memorial Avenue

at 9.30am on Thursday, 2 June 2011.

Join English School Tours for Queen’s Birthday

Minimum numbers have already booked, so the “Top of the South Tour” at Queen’s Birthday Weekend is confirmed.

A few details about the tour :
1. Driver/guide will be Dermott.
2. Guide 2 will be Wendy Nelson (teacher and accomplished triathlete!)
3. Tour is great value at $299……Around $100/day for transport / accommodation / supervision / most food / entrance fees / DOC charges etc.
4.Staying at YHA Nelson…..specialises in groups with movie lounge, centrally located, clean facilities.
5.Parents and students of U18’s need to fill out a Pre-Trip Health and Safety Form before the tour… if any students are thinking about coming that takes a little preparation.
6.Next week Dermott from English School Tours will drop into the college to chat with students thinking about the tour… you photos etc.

Where is she now? PART II (Maggie Shi)

Today, I am in my previous language school, the Canterbury language college, to help international students here, when I am looking at the new and happy faces in the college, I can see myself running around in the college 9 years ago…….

9 years ago, I had studied at Canterbury College for one year at Christchurch, the college’s high standard education system and friendly teachers helped me to improve my English significantly. So, I could pass my English test, and got the offer to study in Canterbury university. The Canterbury college not only taught me English, also taught me a lot the local culture and western thinking, I think these elements are very essential when I was studying in the Canterbury Univesity.

After I had graduated from Canterbury University, I gained my Permanent Resident in New Zealand, and happily work and live at Christchurch.

As many people know, Christchurch is also called the “Garden City”, the pretty city deserved the pretty name. although, the pretty city has been suffered twice major earthquakes, the first was on September 2010, and the second one was on the Feb 2011. Mny people may feel sorry about the damages of the city, but I think the city is even more charming than before. Because of people here are so pure and warmly helped each other to get through the terrible earthquake. Christchurch is not only pretty as a garden, but also has charming character.

The Canterbury College is a token of Christchurch, it has nice classrooms, high quality education system, and warmly support students from both academic aspect and everyday living. During the tough earthquake time, the owner of the school and other staffs helped to settle students, even cook for them and let them shower in the staffs’ own house. And the college was efficient to recover back to its teaching track as well. And former students, as me are coming back to college to help. We have gained so much from the school, its my turn to do something for the school.

The Secret Life of Ali Dia

Seems like almost everyone in Christchurch knows Ali. For one thing, he had that great Kebab stall going in Cathedral Square…
For another thing he is such a nice bloke, he has helped out so many people, he gets mobbed if he walks down the street! And that phone of his just never stops ringing!
Today we had Ali-the-hero as he helped out with retrieving files and equipment from the Red Zone. Thank you Ali!!
Ali is a great listener and problem solver for others. Just for a change, we asked him to tell us a little bit about Ali Dia instead…
ALI DIA in his own words:
I was born in Beirut Lebanon and I did my Diploma in Accounting TS (TECHNIQUE SUPERIEURE) at CIT (CENTRE INTERNATIONAL TECHNIQUE) in BEIRUT.
I worked in a French insurance company called UAP (UNION DES ASSURANCE DU PARIS) for about 8 years before I immigrated to New Zealand.
I managed my own takeaway shop for 20 years, and in the last 8 years i’ve been dealing with students from the Middle East i have had good experiences with them.
I love cooking and enjoy other Cultures’ cooking too.
 Did you know:
Other ways of spelling Kebab? –  kebap, kabab, kebob, kabob, kibob, kebhav, kephav, kebabi
How to make real Lebanese Kebabs
PS: Want to know another secret about Ali Dia? ………………It’s this: if he’s not answering his phone, you can still find him on Facebook!

Hanging out down at the mall

What Is Friendship?

It is a relationship combining trust, support, fun, communication, loyalty and understanding. No wonder friends are so precious!!

These students at Canterbury College would tell you that friendship is one of the best reasons to get out of bed and come to class in the morning! Exams and even better English can sometimes seem like faraway goals, but the happiness of seeing friends again is something we can enjoy every day!

Both in-depth and relaxed, friendship is a relationship that can last forever! So, in a new country, how to get started?

Keep it simple: smile, make eye contact, look for something in common, listen with interest, find things to do together. 

Hanging out together at the mall can be fun, and window-shopping is a good way to get to know each other’s tastes without blowing the budget. On a sunny day in autumn, just getting a breath of mild autumn air can be enough to share… Keep going like this and suddenly you will have twice as many friends!

PS: Did you know “Friends” is also an American sitcom?