Christchurch, with its large number of parks, reserves and golf courses and also known as the “Garden City”. Gardening is fashionable in Christchurch, and people like that perform both competitions among the city districts to elect their most flowery streets, homes and factories. Christchurch is a city organized, charming, with lovely neo-Gothic buildings and churches restored. Sidewalk cafes along the Avon River. Restored streetcar traveling in the city center and beautiful shopping center with boutiques and a diverse neighborhood on the coast called New Brighton – a reflection of British heritage in the city – the portrait is the largest city in South Island, New Zealand and the second, with 390,000 people . Cantabrians, as people of this province are known never forgive you if you do not remember your rugby team the Crusaders. The city is so flat that the bicycle is a popular means of transport and for cyclists there is the bike lanes. Eight ski resorts are 90 minutes drive from Christchurch and also boasts some beautiful beaches, great boating and fishing, especially around Banks Peninsula, located one hour from Christchurch.

The local economy relies mainly on primary production in the region. The main products are vegetables, cereals, grapes, meat, dairy products, wool, horticulture, special production, timber and aquaculture. Secondary and emerging industries including tourism, industrial electrical engineering, manufacturing, software development, biotechnology, high technology, electronics and education. Canterbury offers an incomparable lifestyle. Christchurch has all the vibration of a big city without the disturbance – no major traffic jams or the social problems associated with larger metropolitan cities.

Christchurch is a city completely safe and it offers various entertainment options and places to work, especially in the tourism industry in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and others. It is possible to study during the day and find many options for work starting in the late afternoon and ending early in the evening.

The region of Christchurch is also a major center for adventure and extreme sports like Queenstown, where you can find attractions like Skydive, Jetboat, Paragliding, Skiing, Snowboarding and more. But if you are still not satisfied, simply travel for five hours to the capital of extreme sports, either by car or via the numerous transport options.

For students living in Christchurch is extremely cheap compared to some other cities (The final budget may be up to 30% less) because the vast majority of accommodation options are cheaper and are located in the downtown area, the service Public transport is very efficient and has a moderate price in case you really need, you can find large supermarkets and salary range has a good average.

Besides being a charming and sophisticated city with an exciting nightlife, world-class restaurants and cultural activities and, above all, with friendly people and internationally focused. With its temperate climate and easy access to mountains and sea, Canterbury is the ideal place for people who enjoy being outdoors. In Christchurch there is international airport and three i-SITE visitor center.

In Christchurch you will find several beach options. The three main beaches which are 10 minutes by bus or car are Sumner, New Brighton and Taylor’s Mistake.

Sumner is the most recommended for those who want to find the hype, is mainly in winter and summer. Luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars and ice cream are on the beach more popular with tourists, you can find many people at the end of the day on weekdays, relaxing and enjoying the sunset. On weekends, many people take the day to bask in, playing football and Rugby of course the waterfront, and other games very common on our beaches, stretch a towel, enjoying the breeze, catch and even a corsinha the practice of surfing.

New Brighton is possible to enjoy the long stretch of sand, playing sports like soccer, surfing, kitesurfing and more. You will find a beautiful Pier, a great place to stroll, take pictures and even percar. Have you ever imagined a library where you can study with a wonderful view to the sea? How about playing video games? This library exists and is in New Brighton. Besides the Central Library in Christchurch, located in the center, students can still enjoy most of this great option.

Excellent choice for the Surf, Taylor’s Mistake is a cozy retreat, protected by hills, forming a small bowl until it resembles the Rosa Beach in Santa Catarina. There exists a surf school, who knew? Many people go to this beach for the day, a totally different way from the beaches of Christchurch this magnificent retreat. For those who enjoy walking, there are several trails on the hills that start the bank peninsulas.

Besides these three options, around Christchurch there are several other beaches for all tastes and styles. It is also possible to find places near Lyttelton gorgeous, tranquil beaches and lagoons, but with salt water and the beautiful green of the Pacific Ocean.
Many families seek these places in summer, to picnic and spend the day, but most predominantly young and you can meet many different people.

Just as during the day, Christchurch is very busy at night. On weekends the night happens in bars and nightclubs located in the city center. Also on Sol Square you can find a cluster of small bars with a totally different environment, a place in European style. During the week, you can also find good parties.
The rhythms are varied, ranging from electronic music like House, Electro House, Spy Trance and Drum and Bass, through Hip Hop, Rock and Roll and the 60 sounds, 70 and 80, to more specific styles such as Samba and Salsa.
Of the more than 30 options ballads in Christchurch, only one or two you need to pay to enter, because almost all are free. As all options are located in the city center and are close to each other, you will find a multitude of people walking on the street, going from bar to bar not to fall into sameness.
But for those who do not like parties that start late at night, you will also find several options to make a good happy hour, sit in a bar with friends or even alone to meet new people is something very common in Christchurch. There are plenty of ways you can bet.
Lovers of cultural life also have their space, as Christchurch is full of art galleries, museums, historic buildings and sites, and a strong British influence, this architectural style in the city, well wooded streets and in various parks scattered throughout the city, great option for daytime activities.


Come to study in Christchurch – NZ



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