NEW! Free Wifi and Library opening Christchurch Central City 19th Dec

Very close to our new Riverbank building at 243 Cambridge Terrrace (on the corner of Manchester Street), will be the New Christchurch Central City library branch, opening 19 December 2011. 

At 89-91 Peterborough Street, the new library will be open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Walk on down and check out the FREE Wi-Fi and new fiction!

For latest updates about Opening Hours, to download Free Audio Books, or check out what books are available, visit

Did you know …

… that books can breathe? People visiting the British Museum complained of getting headaches. This was because books seem to absorb or “breathe” in air and “breathe” out smells of their own. There were so many old books in the Museum that there was no fresh air left which meant people got headaches from breathing in bad air! (see

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