Where is she now? PART II (Maggie Shi)

Today, I am in my previous language school, the Canterbury language college, to help international students here, when I am looking at the new and happy faces in the college, I can see myself running around in the college 9 years ago…….

9 years ago, I had studied at Canterbury College for one year at Christchurch, the college’s high standard education system and friendly teachers helped me to improve my English significantly. So, I could pass my English test, and got the offer to study in Canterbury university. The Canterbury college not only taught me English, also taught me a lot the local culture and western thinking, I think these elements are very essential when I was studying in the Canterbury Univesity.

After I had graduated from Canterbury University, I gained my Permanent Resident in New Zealand, and happily work and live at Christchurch.

As many people know, Christchurch is also called the “Garden City”, the pretty city deserved the pretty name. although, the pretty city has been suffered twice major earthquakes, the first was on September 2010, and the second one was on the Feb 2011. Mny people may feel sorry about the damages of the city, but I think the city is even more charming than before. Because of people here are so pure and warmly helped each other to get through the terrible earthquake. Christchurch is not only pretty as a garden, but also has charming character.

The Canterbury College is a token of Christchurch, it has nice classrooms, high quality education system, and warmly support students from both academic aspect and everyday living. During the tough earthquake time, the owner of the school and other staffs helped to settle students, even cook for them and let them shower in the staffs’ own house. And the college was efficient to recover back to its teaching track as well. And former students, as me are coming back to college to help. We have gained so much from the school, its my turn to do something for the school.

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