The Secret Life of Ali Dia

Seems like almost everyone in Christchurch knows Ali. For one thing, he had that great Kebab stall going in Cathedral Square…
For another thing he is such a nice bloke, he has helped out so many people, he gets mobbed if he walks down the street! And that phone of his just never stops ringing!
Today we had Ali-the-hero as he helped out with retrieving files and equipment from the Red Zone. Thank you Ali!!
Ali is a great listener and problem solver for others. Just for a change, we asked him to tell us a little bit about Ali Dia instead…
ALI DIA in his own words:
I was born in Beirut Lebanon and I did my Diploma in Accounting TS (TECHNIQUE SUPERIEURE) at CIT (CENTRE INTERNATIONAL TECHNIQUE) in BEIRUT.
I worked in a French insurance company called UAP (UNION DES ASSURANCE DU PARIS) for about 8 years before I immigrated to New Zealand.
I managed my own takeaway shop for 20 years, and in the last 8 years i’ve been dealing with students from the Middle East i have had good experiences with them.
I love cooking and enjoy other Cultures’ cooking too.
 Did you know:
Other ways of spelling Kebab? –  kebap, kabab, kebob, kabob, kibob, kebhav, kephav, kebabi
How to make real Lebanese Kebabs
PS: Want to know another secret about Ali Dia? ………………It’s this: if he’s not answering his phone, you can still find him on Facebook!

One response to “The Secret Life of Ali Dia

  1. Ali is my best friend, he have been and always will be a brother to me, i respect him for his great personality,,,generous,honest,respectful person..I wish for him and his family happiness and amazing life.

    Ahmad almahmoud

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