Hanging out down at the mall

What Is Friendship?

It is a relationship combining trust, support, fun, communication, loyalty and understanding. No wonder friends are so precious!!

These students at Canterbury College would tell you that friendship is one of the best reasons to get out of bed and come to class in the morning! Exams and even better English can sometimes seem like faraway goals, but the happiness of seeing friends again is something we can enjoy every day!

Both in-depth and relaxed, friendship is a relationship that can last forever! So, in a new country, how to get started?

Keep it simple: smile, make eye contact, look for something in common, listen with interest, find things to do together. 

Hanging out together at the mall can be fun, and window-shopping is a good way to get to know each other’s tastes without blowing the budget. On a sunny day in autumn, just getting a breath of mild autumn air can be enough to share… Keep going like this and suddenly you will have twice as many friends!

PS: Did you know “Friends” is also an American sitcom?

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