English + Barista Graduates at BBQ

To celebrate the graduation of our latest English + Barista class, Canterbury College held a barbeque on Friday afternoon.

Pictured here are English + Barista Trainer Kelly, and graduates Camila (Brazil/Chile), Anna (Argentina) and Man Paul (Korea).

Did you know:

“Barista” is an Italian term for a professional espresso coffee maker. In Italy, it takes 4 years to become a barista.

Baristas don’t make coffee, they “create” coffee. With skill, experience,  passion and that special extra something, baristas make espresso to change the world…

Students from all College classes joined the hubub around the barbecue, personally supervised by our Middle Eastern Advisor, well-known Christchurch figure Ali Dia.

Camila, Carly (China) and Anna were all keen to try the Middle Eastern BBQ sandwich. And the verdict was – DELICIOUS! Thank you Ali and thanks Sueann!


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