Time to say… Thank you Kathryn!!

Kathryn Thorne (right) with Claire (Alpha) and James (Canterbury College) in the reception area of Alpha Educational Institute

Really, we owe a tremendous lot to Kathryn Thorne of Alpha Language Institute, and to her team who have welcomed us all from Canterbury College into their space in Bishopdale. It was wonderful for our students and teachers to move straight into a fully operational and welcoming teaching and learning environment. It meant that our students and staff could be up and running again just days after 22/2.

I remember when we first came to have a look at the new venue, on 28 February, after a few dreadful days without basic services in the central and east of the city.

That first sight of the untouched Bishopdale Village was like the Promised Land – “Look!”, we exclaimed to each other – “shops! a bank! Mitre 10 is open! Hot lunches! expresso coffee”!

Everything was great, and it was Kathryn’s very quick offer to share her space which meant our students could get back to normality and refocus on their study so quickly. Combining classes and teachers also meant that we could offer the most appropriate levels to each of our students.

Just as no 2 people are alike, every organisation is unique, and Kathryn has handled gracefully and carefully all differences between the cultures of the 3 schools she has welcomed into her temporary “English cluster”.

Now the Canterbury College roll is increasing again, as students return after taking a break, and new students too begin to arrive. The time has come for us to have our own space and independence of operation, and again Kathryn has warmly shared by leasing one of her buildings to Canterbury College, while we wait to access our new building in Cambridge Terrace.

Very sincerely, Kathryn, we’d like to say, thank you for helping us survive — in style!

Did you know:
English Teachers can qualify at Alpha Language Institute by studying the 4-week TESOL course


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