English plus Barista Training in Christchurch and Rangiora


Meet Camila  De Oliveira from Brazil and Chile, as she checks out the espresso machine at Rangiora. She says, “I’m enjoying using my English to learn something new and practical”.6 students from Argentina, Brazil,  Japan, Korea and Russia, and Ukraine began their intensive English + Barista training on Monday 2 May.

Today, Canterbury College is installing a mobile espresso unit so that the students can practice their barista skills. That means their non-barista classmates (and teachers!) can practise their coffee appreciation skills before school and during breaks.

After the disruption of the February quakes, our own 3 Wega machines have now been recovered from the CBD and are waiting to be resited in our new home on Cambridge Terrace.

So we owe a big THANK YOU to North Canterbury Community College in Rangiora who offered us the use of their specialised training room, and to Cafe Express who offered us the use of their mobile unit in the interim. Both are great quality options and warmly appreciated by the keen baristas-in-the-making.

Did you know:

• Coffee is actually a fruit. It’s a cherry.

• One coffee tree yields only about one pound of roasted coffee each year.

Beethoven, who was a coffee lover, was so particular about his coffee that he always counted 60 beans for each cup when he prepared his coffee.

• Decaffeinated coffee sales are at their highest in January of each year, partially due to New Year’s resolutions.


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