Further Education

Someone once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

We at Canterbury College are so proud of our students and their positive attitudes and efforts towards higher education.  One of our teachers is leading by example and moving onto further education, himself. Graeme Carmody, we are sad to see you go, but applaud you for leading by example and being an amazing role model for so many.  We asked Graeme how he would sum up his experiences here.

“Canterbury College was a lot of fun!” – Graeme Carmody


Graeme Carmody, Teacher at Canterbury College



Education is something that once you have it, nobody can ever take it away. The most valuable thing you can do to improve your quality of life is to learn. If you’re interested in further education or you know someone that is, Canterbury College has a lot to offer. Our students come to us from all over the world and when they graduate they not only gain NZQA qualifications, they leave here with memories of an invaluable experience.

Canterbury College is dedicated to providing a high quality, well-rounded education in a supportive, rewarding and enjoyable environment, where students can have a very good experience.

Make YOUR Dreams Come True

But don’t take our word for it, hear what our students have to say in these Student Testimonials. Just click one of the names below and listen to what some of our international students had to say about their time at Canterbury College.

>> Ana Maria from Brazil
>> Cristian Andres from Chile
>> Al Rasheed Abdullah from Saudi Arabia
>> Brita Steiger from Germany
>> Jin Sung from Korea

>> For more testimonials. Click here…

We offer a wide variety of Business courses, English course, and courses that combine English + Trade Skills (Ex. Farming, Barista, Accounting, Aromatherapy, etc.).  For more information on the individual courses we offer, please visit our website: http://www.cancan.com/


English + Accounting

You can only go up from here

There’s a lot of excitement around the latest opportunity that Canterbury College has to offer.  Canterbury College just rolled out a fantastic English + Accounting course that will allow students to improve their English skills and also have an academic experience before going to University, or further study.

The course will be taught by Bahaa Elmohandes. Bahaa is originally from Egypt and speaks Arabic fluently in addition to English. Keep an eye on the blog or subscribe to be notified. We will post an article soon about this highly accomplished professional.
The course will teach students the principles of accounting with a strong emphasis on preparing, understanding, and using financial statements.

Students will be able to fully understand and use financial reports

Yesterday Bahaa met with a group of students who were interested in the course.  He was able to connect well with students of all backgrounds, ethnicity’s, and English levels. To the students who were concerned about their English, Bahaa explained that the course will move gradually from theory and principles of accounting to more advanced topics such as understanding financial statements.

“You might be surprised. You may even go as far as having one plan when you start the course and another plan when you reach the end of the course.”

– Bahaa Elmohandes

Bahaa also explained that there would be a lot of practical exercises and one-on-one between him and each student to ensure that nobody gets left behind.  By the end of their meeting with Bahaa, students felt confident and excited about the course.
The English + Accounting course will include a General English course plus 7 weeks aimed at teaching international students Accounting industry skills and knowledge which can be applied to worldwide standards. This will be done by exposing the students to accounting contents from real life business in NZ.

Students can use what they learn as building blocks towards further business studies

In this course students will:

– Learn and improve English skills
– Learn and improve academic English skills
– Discuss the role of business in society
– Compare and contrast the various forms of business ownership
– Identify the resources of a business
– Explain the circulation of resources as the basis of business activity
– Explain the information needs of interested parties
– Explain the effect of information technology on the accounting system
– Explain the impact of Goods and Services Tax on business
– Explain the role of ICANZ in the reporting of accounting information
– Understand, analyse and explaining the purpose of financial statement and much more.
– An opportunity of further studies and work.

Click Here for the Full Brochure

Students with IELTS score 6.0 or over can use this course to transfer credits to New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDipBus) or NZIM Diploma in Management.

Swim in a Sea of Classical Music This Weekend

Natalia Lomeiko

Do you feel like dipping your toes into an ocean of classical music? There’s a great opportunity this month for everyone who loves classical music! The most famous compositions of  Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Shostakovich – and of course Beethoven – can be heard right here in Christchurch.

One of our Russian students, Tatyana, comes from a musical background. She especially loves symphony orchestras. She’s very keen to go to the upcoming concerts this month and next because they feature a Russian connection. She’s looking forward to not only enjoying a world-class performing artist, but also to catching up on the gossip from Russia.

Tatyana studied piano at the Music Conservatory in Moscow, and even before she came to New Zealand she had heard of an up and coming artist called Natalia Lomeiko

Born into a family of musicians in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1979, Natalia Lomeiko has studied at the most prestigious music schools and won prizes in many international violin competitions including the Antonio Stradivari International Violin Competition in 1998. She won the 2000 Young Musician of the Year Competition (New Zealand).

Natalia Lomeiko has performed extensively as a soloist and chamber musician in such venues as the Wigmore Hall, London, Buckingham Palace, and the Royal Festival Hall. She has toured Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Russia, Poland, USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Japan and New Zealand.

Natalia in Christchurch

When and where can you treat your ears to an evening of classical music in Christchurch? Performances start this weekend and carry on through the first week of March. See below for details.

Natalia’s performances in Christchurch

Date Venue
23rd  February  8:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert
26th  February  7:30 pm Town Hall Concert
27th  February  2:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert
4th    March      7:30 pm Maurice Till Concert Hall
6th    March      2:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert

Check out Natalia’s website: http://www.natalialomeiko.com/

Did you know you can find information about events in Christchurch online?
Click the link below to find more events in Christchurch.

Coffee Culture


Coffee Beans



The amazing, titillating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans can once again be enjoyed by everyone in the building at Canterbury College.

The enticing smell is wafting throughout the office and classrooms.  Your choice of Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Macchiato, Americano, Flat White, Short/Long Black or Latte for only $2 a cup! Life doesn’t get any sweeter than this. This is really a bargain and a blessing from our baristas in training on level two.

Here’s what some people had to say about the coffee:

“The coffee is good and the atmosphere is good for students to mingle and it creates a real harmony. It’s a good chance for the baristas in training to learn and it’s a good deal because the coffee is cheap!” – Andre Nunes

“The coffee is good. Shiori (one of the baristas in training) makes the best hot chocolate in New Zealand.” – Kate Petero

“The coffee has improved so much – nice taste and nice presentation. Let it continue everyday! – Heather Yaxley


Beautiful Coffee



If you’re interested in learning the art of coffee making and becoming a barista, Canterbury College offers a course of General English plus 2-weeks Barista training aimed to teach international students Barista industry skills and knowledge which can be applied to worldwide standards.

The Barista Course is taught in the afternoons, with English in the mornings.  The certificate is delivered at NZQA level 2 and is made up entirely of unit standards. After completion, International students have the opportunity to:

– Find a job at a Coffee shop, Restaurant, Pub, Bar, and more

– Qualify to work in the hotel & hospitality industry. Student visa holders will be able to change their conditions to work 20 hours per week

– Study hospitality at diploma level confidently with knowledge and experience.

Barista + English Course Brochure


Our Barista classes have just ended, but will be starting up again on 28 March 2011. In the meantime Barista students and teachers are volunteering their time so that nobody in the building has to suffer from CWS (Coffee Withdrawal Symptoms). Show your support and gratitude for our kind volunteers and keep Canterbury College’s Coffee Culture alive. After all, it’s only two dollars!


For the Love of Coffee



Love is in the Air

Whether you’re in love or have lovely friends, Valentines Day is a magical day for all.  Valentine’s Day is a jumble of traditions, beliefs, and celebrations that has come to us from a distant past. The story goes all the away back to the 2nd Century A.D.

Click the link below for a brief history of this special day.


Some of our staff enjoyed a fabulous Valentines Day party together.  The theme was pink and red.  The decorations were breathtaking! The food was great, but most of all the atmosphere was enchanting.


Gorgeous Decorations

But did you ever wonder how teachers and other staff members at Canterbury College spend the big day? We asked a few staff members what they thought about Valentines Day and how they spent it. This is what they had to say.


“Single red roses say a lot more than a romantic candlelight dinner.” – Keith Burgess, Teacher

“My husband took me punting on the Avon River.  I have a very romantic husband!”

– Magdala Williams, Teacher

“Had a break from the red commercial buzz. Instead had a relaxing night with champagne, chocolate, good conversation and a romantic film. I could certainly do that every week!” – Chris Hilton, Marketing Manager

From the bottom of our hearts, all of us at Canterbury College hope you had a Happy Valentines Day, however you chose to spend it.

Really accurate feedback for Canterbury College students!

Orn (far left) and Haoming (second from left) study Reading and Writing with teacher Kelly

Orn (far left) and Haoming (second from left) study Reading and Writing with teacher Kelly

Today 10 students finished their 100-hour Free English programme, funded by the Government to help migrants improve their Literacy.

Students test their Vocabulary and Reading Skills online, both before and after their course. In this way, they can get an exact measure of their progress after 100 hours of study. The computer test also tells the government whether the College’s programme is good value for money or not!

The first group of students, from China, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Thailand, were all keen to learn English. They juggled family and other responsibilities with the demands of the tough course.

Congratulations to Orn, Rie and Shiori, who all achieved improvements in both tests. That means both Reading and Vocabulary improved. Well done!

Beate made a significant improvement in her Reading skills, while Haoming, Stan and Sacha all made good progress in Vocabulary. The most outstanding increase in Vocabulary score was by Mei Haoming who in just 5 weeks of study improved 130 points from 431 to 561!

We asked Chinese student Haoming how he improved his vocabulary so quickly and he replied, “I went to the library after school and looked at books and magazines around my level. And I listened to the radio, even when I couldn’t understand 100%, I just kept trying.” Good advice, Haoming, which we should all try to follow.

In Reading, the greatest gain was by Japanese student Rie Odai, who moved from 553 to 637, an increase of 84 points! Rie also achieved a Level 2 qualification in Barista (see photo). Rie reckons she was just “lucky on the day” and wouldn’t offer any advice, but she admits that it is easier to concentrate in reading when she chooses documents that are interesting and relevant to her personally.

Student Barista Rie concentrates on making the perfect expresso

Student Barista Rie concentrates on making the perfect expresso

Click here for more info about our 2-week Barista Qualification which Rie studied.

Click here to read about 70 cool ways to improve your English:

Click here to find out how you can learn English at the Christchurch City Libraries

Did you know:
1. Did you know people tend to use bigger vocabulary words around the opposite sex? How hypersexualised are we?
2. Did you know that the 5000 most common English words and expressions will help you understand 95% of the English World?

Canterbury College Has A Lot To Celebrate…


Happy birthday!

Today was a very special day at Canterbury College.  It was the birthday of 2 staff members, including longtime Canterbury College teacher, Deborah Harding-Browne. For Deb it was a proper send off as we are very sad to see her move on. Deborah will be raising a family and we wish her all the best with that.

Teachers and other staff came together to enjoy delectable desserts and to congratulate the women of the hour. There was a fine-looking Chocolate cake covered in strawberries and a mouth-watering Meringue.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Oh wait, there’s more!  Today Canterbury College also welcomed two lovely new teachers, Heather Yaxely and Josephine Cox. Heather will be joining the International department and Josephine will be teaching IELTS II.  A great, big Canterbury College “welcome” to the both of you. Watch the blog in coming days for news of these 2 dynamic teachers.

All members of staff enjoyed this special occasion over good food and fine conversation. There was laughter and a lot of silly poses for pictures. Everyone benefited from a relaxed break from their daily duties.

Happy Birthday!!! We wish you all the best!