Earthquake in Christchurch

Earthquake in Christchurch
Dear Students and Friends of Canterbury College,
Many of you know that on Tuesday 22 February, a serious earthquake struck central Christchurch. We don’t yet know how many people died because teams are still searching in the buildings. We hope the number is not too many.
It seems everyone is okay from Canterbury College. Only 1 teacher hurt her foot and maybe she has a broken bone. We all got out of the building okay and met at Latimer Square. Many houses are damaged, so some students had to arrange different accommodation, and some are staying with the director of the college.
Tents were set up in Hagley Park and other places for the homeless. Ambulances and emergency services are located in parks around the center. The airport is open in Christchurch and extra flights are available for people who want to leave the city.
There was damage to phone, electricity and water networks. Please be patient if there is a delay in replying to you.
After accommodation changes, we have up-to-date contact details for around 60% of students right now. If you are our student, PLEASE send us an email at, to tell us your situation.
The college will be closed until at least Friday 4th March. At the moment, police are controlling access to the city centre, and we don’t know the situation in our building. We will give you more information as soon as possible.
The people of Christchurch (including all overseas students) are helping each other to get through this difficult time. It is a beautiful city, and its people have a beautiful heart. Thank you for your support.
Warm regards and best wishes,
Miriam O’Connor, Manager, Canterbury College


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