English + Accounting

You can only go up from here

There’s a lot of excitement around the latest opportunity that Canterbury College has to offer.  Canterbury College just rolled out a fantastic English + Accounting course that will allow students to improve their English skills and also have an academic experience before going to University, or further study.

The course will be taught by Bahaa Elmohandes. Bahaa is originally from Egypt and speaks Arabic fluently in addition to English. Keep an eye on the blog or subscribe to be notified. We will post an article soon about this highly accomplished professional.
The course will teach students the principles of accounting with a strong emphasis on preparing, understanding, and using financial statements.

Students will be able to fully understand and use financial reports

Yesterday Bahaa met with a group of students who were interested in the course.  He was able to connect well with students of all backgrounds, ethnicity’s, and English levels. To the students who were concerned about their English, Bahaa explained that the course will move gradually from theory and principles of accounting to more advanced topics such as understanding financial statements.

“You might be surprised. You may even go as far as having one plan when you start the course and another plan when you reach the end of the course.”

– Bahaa Elmohandes

Bahaa also explained that there would be a lot of practical exercises and one-on-one between him and each student to ensure that nobody gets left behind.  By the end of their meeting with Bahaa, students felt confident and excited about the course.
The English + Accounting course will include a General English course plus 7 weeks aimed at teaching international students Accounting industry skills and knowledge which can be applied to worldwide standards. This will be done by exposing the students to accounting contents from real life business in NZ.

Students can use what they learn as building blocks towards further business studies

In this course students will:

– Learn and improve English skills
– Learn and improve academic English skills
– Discuss the role of business in society
– Compare and contrast the various forms of business ownership
– Identify the resources of a business
– Explain the circulation of resources as the basis of business activity
– Explain the information needs of interested parties
– Explain the effect of information technology on the accounting system
– Explain the impact of Goods and Services Tax on business
– Explain the role of ICANZ in the reporting of accounting information
– Understand, analyse and explaining the purpose of financial statement and much more.
– An opportunity of further studies and work.

Click Here for the Full Brochure

Students with IELTS score 6.0 or over can use this course to transfer credits to New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDipBus) or NZIM Diploma in Management.


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