Swim in a Sea of Classical Music This Weekend

Natalia Lomeiko

Do you feel like dipping your toes into an ocean of classical music? There’s a great opportunity this month for everyone who loves classical music! The most famous compositions of  Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Shostakovich – and of course Beethoven – can be heard right here in Christchurch.

One of our Russian students, Tatyana, comes from a musical background. She especially loves symphony orchestras. She’s very keen to go to the upcoming concerts this month and next because they feature a Russian connection. She’s looking forward to not only enjoying a world-class performing artist, but also to catching up on the gossip from Russia.

Tatyana studied piano at the Music Conservatory in Moscow, and even before she came to New Zealand she had heard of an up and coming artist called Natalia Lomeiko

Born into a family of musicians in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1979, Natalia Lomeiko has studied at the most prestigious music schools and won prizes in many international violin competitions including the Antonio Stradivari International Violin Competition in 1998. She won the 2000 Young Musician of the Year Competition (New Zealand).

Natalia Lomeiko has performed extensively as a soloist and chamber musician in such venues as the Wigmore Hall, London, Buckingham Palace, and the Royal Festival Hall. She has toured Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Russia, Poland, USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Japan and New Zealand.

Natalia in Christchurch

When and where can you treat your ears to an evening of classical music in Christchurch? Performances start this weekend and carry on through the first week of March. See below for details.

Natalia’s performances in Christchurch

Date Venue
23rd  February  8:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert
26th  February  7:30 pm Town Hall Concert
27th  February  2:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert
4th    March      7:30 pm Maurice Till Concert Hall
6th    March      2:00 pm Christchurch Cathedral Concert

Check out Natalia’s website: http://www.natalialomeiko.com/

Did you know you can find information about events in Christchurch online?
Click the link below to find more events in Christchurch.


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