Coffee Culture


Coffee Beans



The amazing, titillating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans can once again be enjoyed by everyone in the building at Canterbury College.

The enticing smell is wafting throughout the office and classrooms.  Your choice of Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Macchiato, Americano, Flat White, Short/Long Black or Latte for only $2 a cup! Life doesn’t get any sweeter than this. This is really a bargain and a blessing from our baristas in training on level two.

Here’s what some people had to say about the coffee:

“The coffee is good and the atmosphere is good for students to mingle and it creates a real harmony. It’s a good chance for the baristas in training to learn and it’s a good deal because the coffee is cheap!” – Andre Nunes

“The coffee is good. Shiori (one of the baristas in training) makes the best hot chocolate in New Zealand.” – Kate Petero

“The coffee has improved so much – nice taste and nice presentation. Let it continue everyday! – Heather Yaxley


Beautiful Coffee



If you’re interested in learning the art of coffee making and becoming a barista, Canterbury College offers a course of General English plus 2-weeks Barista training aimed to teach international students Barista industry skills and knowledge which can be applied to worldwide standards.

The Barista Course is taught in the afternoons, with English in the mornings.  The certificate is delivered at NZQA level 2 and is made up entirely of unit standards. After completion, International students have the opportunity to:

– Find a job at a Coffee shop, Restaurant, Pub, Bar, and more

– Qualify to work in the hotel & hospitality industry. Student visa holders will be able to change their conditions to work 20 hours per week

– Study hospitality at diploma level confidently with knowledge and experience.

Barista + English Course Brochure

Our Barista classes have just ended, but will be starting up again on 28 March 2011. In the meantime Barista students and teachers are volunteering their time so that nobody in the building has to suffer from CWS (Coffee Withdrawal Symptoms). Show your support and gratitude for our kind volunteers and keep Canterbury College’s Coffee Culture alive. After all, it’s only two dollars!


For the Love of Coffee




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