Really accurate feedback for Canterbury College students!

Orn (far left) and Haoming (second from left) study Reading and Writing with teacher Kelly

Orn (far left) and Haoming (second from left) study Reading and Writing with teacher Kelly

Today 10 students finished their 100-hour Free English programme, funded by the Government to help migrants improve their Literacy.

Students test their Vocabulary and Reading Skills online, both before and after their course. In this way, they can get an exact measure of their progress after 100 hours of study. The computer test also tells the government whether the College’s programme is good value for money or not!

The first group of students, from China, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Thailand, were all keen to learn English. They juggled family and other responsibilities with the demands of the tough course.

Congratulations to Orn, Rie and Shiori, who all achieved improvements in both tests. That means both Reading and Vocabulary improved. Well done!

Beate made a significant improvement in her Reading skills, while Haoming, Stan and Sacha all made good progress in Vocabulary. The most outstanding increase in Vocabulary score was by Mei Haoming who in just 5 weeks of study improved 130 points from 431 to 561!

We asked Chinese student Haoming how he improved his vocabulary so quickly and he replied, “I went to the library after school and looked at books and magazines around my level. And I listened to the radio, even when I couldn’t understand 100%, I just kept trying.” Good advice, Haoming, which we should all try to follow.

In Reading, the greatest gain was by Japanese student Rie Odai, who moved from 553 to 637, an increase of 84 points! Rie also achieved a Level 2 qualification in Barista (see photo). Rie reckons she was just “lucky on the day” and wouldn’t offer any advice, but she admits that it is easier to concentrate in reading when she chooses documents that are interesting and relevant to her personally.

Student Barista Rie concentrates on making the perfect expresso

Student Barista Rie concentrates on making the perfect expresso

Click here for more info about our 2-week Barista Qualification which Rie studied.

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Click here to find out how you can learn English at the Christchurch City Libraries

Did you know:
1. Did you know people tend to use bigger vocabulary words around the opposite sex? How hypersexualised are we?
2. Did you know that the 5000 most common English words and expressions will help you understand 95% of the English World?


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