Canterbury College Has A Lot To Celebrate…


Happy birthday!

Today was a very special day at Canterbury College.  It was the birthday of 2 staff members, including longtime Canterbury College teacher, Deborah Harding-Browne. For Deb it was a proper send off as we are very sad to see her move on. Deborah will be raising a family and we wish her all the best with that.

Teachers and other staff came together to enjoy delectable desserts and to congratulate the women of the hour. There was a fine-looking Chocolate cake covered in strawberries and a mouth-watering Meringue.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Oh wait, there’s more!  Today Canterbury College also welcomed two lovely new teachers, Heather Yaxely and Josephine Cox. Heather will be joining the International department and Josephine will be teaching IELTS II.  A great, big Canterbury College “welcome” to the both of you. Watch the blog in coming days for news of these 2 dynamic teachers.

All members of staff enjoyed this special occasion over good food and fine conversation. There was laughter and a lot of silly poses for pictures. Everyone benefited from a relaxed break from their daily duties.

Happy Birthday!!! We wish you all the best!

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