‘Seeing things’ linked to high coffee intake



making coffee makes people smile:)

People who drink more than 7 cups of coffee a day are 3 times more likely to see visions or hear voices than those who drink 1 cup, suggests research from UK’s Durham University.

However, a great deal of research shows that “moderate caffeine intake, 400-500mg per day, is safe for the general population and may even confer health benefits”, according to Dr Euan Paul, of the British Coffee Association. Suggested benefits include preventing skin cancer and reducing nerve damage from multiple sclerosis.

Whether for mental or health benefits, coffee-drinking is becoming ever more popular in western countries. A growing number of cafés compete fiercely for this spending. By learning the history and culture of coffee, and the secrets of brewing the perfect cup, you can become a desirable employee, or open your own business.

Café owners and baristas need to charm customers with retail sales skills, sensitive cultural communication to establish rapport, and the technical skill to get the best out of sophisticated (and expensive) espresso coffee machines. International students have flown in from Japan and other countries to do the Barista + English course now running at Canterbury College, which has established a reputation for quality language and business training. Start a new career as a barista!

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