Crazy birthday party

Fun at the party

Fun at the party

Last Saturday there was a big Brazilian costume party held to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Andre Nunes, Latin American marketing manager.

Andre was the DJ in a Death costume and rocked the crowd with Brazilian music and other sounds from New Zealand and the world. More than 200 people from many countries, among them Brazil, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabian, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and many more, attended the party. Students had the opportunity to enjoy a bit of Brazilian parties and socialise with people of diverse cultures. Check out the video on YouTube.

We asked Andre how he felt about turning 30 – was it important? His answer: “No, it’s horrible. Getting Older!”

The Brazilian party is mini-carnival: with all the costumes, fun and fiery music. And the most famous carnival is held in Brazil as well: annual festival held forty days before Easter. It  is farewell to bad things in a season of religious discipline to practice repentance and prepare for Christ’s death and resurrection.

Costume guests
Guests in costumes

Music is very important part of every party or carnival. Samba was one type of music played by Andre on the party. Though this genre originates from Africa, Samba is the world symbol of Brazil and is played on trombones, trumpets, flutes, and clarinets.

Did you know: by 30 the average person has had 7.5 jobs, and will have 2.4 more by age 35. To find out more interesting facts about turning 30 visit “11 Wild Statistics About Turning 30


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