New student from Argentina

Sole from Argentina

Sole enjoys New Zealand

Canterbury College is happy to welcome our new student: Sole from Argentina! She has chosen to study our English plus Barista course. It is one of our special courses that aims to teach students coffee-making alongside with General English and starts nearly every 2 months beginning from 28 of March (for more information visit Barista course webpage).

Here is what Sole says:

“Personalmente espero llevarme muchas sorpresas en este viaje, pero lo que quiero guardar en mi memoria es la experiencia de vivir en otro país, con otra cultura, el poder adaptarme día a día a nuevas cosas y el crecer como persona. Dentro de esta gran lista tengo que nombrar a Canterbury College y toda la gente que trabaja dentro de esta escuela que realmente me ayudan día a día en lo que necesito y son una gran guía para poder adaptarse en este país. Uno llega medio perdido cuando viene de Argentina pero acá la gente es realmente amable y siempre que puedan darte una mano ahí va a estar.”

“Personally, I expect many surprises from this trip. But what I’m really looking forward to is living in another country and another culture, learning new things every day and improving my personality. I have to mention Canterbury College and all the people who are working here. They help me in my everyday needs and in adapting to new country. After Argentina it is very easy to get lost here, but all people are so nice and they help you if it is required.”

Did you know:

The official language of Argentina is Spanish, although many people speak Italian and German. Some indigenous populations still speak their native languages. If you wish to find out more interesting facts about Argentina, visit



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