www.cancan.com in Russian – launch next week!

The College is lucky to have Max Polodian, a multi-lingual work experience volunteer who is a web whizz! He has helped us prepare to launch our website in a new Russian language version. Click on the Russian Flag icon from next Friday to see cancan.com in Russian.

We asked Max to tell us about himself and why he applied to contribute as a volunteer at the College. Max said, “Before coming to New Zealand I always worried about my English, though I had a solid knowledge of the language. But the reality was not so bad: all the people here were so friendly and patient and two weeks were enough for me to get used to the Kiwi accent.
Currently I am studying at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, for a degree in Information and Communication Technology. The thing that has amazed me about New Zealand institutions is the student’s freedom. You are free to choose courses to study, your success is not dependant on other students’ success and students are not stuck in groups, as in my overseas study.

During my study break I applied to join the team at Canterbury College to get working experience and some practice. Currently my job is to improve the College website. I’m merging the Russian translation done by Tanya with the http://www.cancan.com website code, so you can expect to surf the Russian version of the college’s website soon.
Watch for the Russian (language) flag, it looks like this:

work experience volunteer creates Russian version of www.cancan.com

Max enjoying his summer work experience


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