Yum Yum – Barbecue at Hagley Park

Hagley Park college barbecue on a fine day in December

Kelly at the barbie

To mark the end of term and the beginning of good summer weather, staff and students of Canterbury College met up at the lake in Hagley Park for a Barbecue. A great time was had by all!

Turns out that Kelly, the popular young teacher of the Elementary Level, is not only a qualified English (ESOL) tutor and Barista trainer, but also a fine barbeque cook!

Comment from a staff member, ” a great way to finish the year and leaves everyone with happy memories for the holidays!”

Did You Know: Did you know that Hagley Park is one of the biggest urban parks in the world? It’s third, after Central Park in New York City and Hyde Park in London!

For more info about Hagley Park, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagley_Park
Check out the map at http://resources.ccc.govt.nz/files/HagleyParkMap-popularparks.pdf

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