Russian Student tackles government Literacy Test

Tania from Moscow, discussing IELTS vocabulary with her teacher and fellow students Mohammed and Masumi

From left: Tania from Moscow, discussing IELTS vocabulary with her teacher and fellow students Mohammed and Masumi

Intermediate student Tania (from Russia) tried the New Zealand government online literacy reading test, and wrote down her comments on the experience.

“Yesterday I was tested by the new innovation in the college. It was an unfamiliar method for me but I was really enjoying it.  The information which was given through the texts was interesting and useful in our ordinary lives.

Secondly, it was not just monotonous reading but also familiarization with different forms such as e-mail letters, advertisement, applications and so on.  

In addition, I got some new knowledge, for example, about food control in New Zealand. 

The opportunity to change my answers after confirmation was a good idea because it gave me a chance to achieve a good result. 

Unfortunately, there were also some negative moments during the test.

Firstly, I didn’t have information about how many questions are contained in the test. As the result I was confused about how much time it could take.

Secondly, in order to get a better score, a break in the middle of the testing could help me to relax (and be good for the eyes) and to concentrate on the next assignments.

An important factor which could contribute to achieving better results might be silence.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it was a new experience for me and I hope that my comments will help to improve the testing method.

Best regards, Tatyana Bazhenova”.

  In response to Tania’s suggestions, we have fine-tuned the testing process. From now on:

 1)       We’ll inform the students of how many questions (around 30).

 2)       Estimate time could be between 45 minutes and 90 minutes (students can take as long as they want)

 3)       Encourage the students to take a break (students can complete in as many sessions as they want)

 4)       Try to do during class time to minimise the interference with photocopier noise.

 5)        Also the students are free to complete at home with the URL and login.

 Did you know: You can read more information about The Assessment Tool and Literacy in New Zealand at


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