International Lawyer joins Business Team at Canterbury College

New Programme Leader for Business Diplomas at Canterbury College

Dr Jay-D Olivier brings extensive international legal and business experience to his new position as Programme Leader for Business Diplomas at Canterbury College

Dr. Jay-D Olivier has built a formidable reputation in the field of International Business Law and Education, through years of experience of cultures, languages, and diverse business practices in more than eleven countries around the world. He is the holder of several degrees in Law and Education, including a Masters Degree in Business Law, a Ph.D., and is an Honourary Doctor in Law. After a number of years in the United States, where he built a reputation as a sharp, well-informed legal and business professional, he turned to lecturing Business and Law.

With more than 10 years of being a professor in International Business Law, he lectured Law, Business Management, and Cross Cultural Management at numerous Universities and Business Schools in the USA, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and is still active on the Academic and Advisory Boards for a number of Universities worldwide. He also presented numerous Employment Law and Corporate Law seminars in many countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Belize, Mexico, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. He recently taught several Business Subjects at several private business schools in New Zealand, where he was also involved in Curriculum Design and development of Business Courses and is still lecturing on a part-time basis on contract at CPIT. Jay-D is also the holder of the 4098 NZQA Assessors Qualification.


9 responses to “International Lawyer joins Business Team at Canterbury College

  1. Please tell him that we miss him in Europe. His kindness, wisdom and genuine interest had an everlasting impression on all of us!

  2. Jay-D, you are indeed a legend and a formidable business man and teacher. Your contribution to Education and the Business world is second to none.

    Approachable, gentle, considerate and helpful are but a few words to describe the man you are. You are an absolute inspiration!!!!

  3. Like a pearl from the sea! His classes are the most interesting in the field of International Law. Jay-D is a very intelligent person with a good sense of humor and a true asset to any college!

    We all miss you here in Holland!

  4. A very good description of Jay-D and all of his accomplishments, his contribution to teaching and learning within New Zealand has been a great asset for us.

    You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off and as a New Zealander I am happy to have your skills in our country.

  5. It is my pleasure to write about my dear friend Jay-D who is exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable. Jay-D has a very impressive personality and carries a finesse. Besides that, he is jovial with a fantastic ability to connect with everyone so I believe that he can capture the attention of his audience/students without any effort. His humour has a lot of substance to it. He is an innately approachable debonair too.

    Jay-D thanks for being my friend.

  6. 0 7085507696 is the world population as I post this;
    There is not even one person, who can match Dr. Jay-D’s personality in being tremendously positive, living life to the max, enjoying the beauty of teaching life experiences and professionalism to others, have the ability to be 100% husband, father, friend, role model & etc
    One should be privileged to have Dr. Jay-D in her/his life as I have done for the past 4-5 years and there is nothing/no one that can take this priceless gift from me. I am currently living in Miami, FL and can’t wait to see Dr. Jay-D back in USA for more golden times … 🙂

    Miami, FL

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