Man Ling ZHANG from China


Man Ling comes from Tianjin in China, and she speaks Chinese. She chose our General English (Full-Time) course, and is now studying English with IELTS.

Keep on reading to find out more about Man Ling and what she thinks of Christchurch and Canterbury College.

I came to Canterbury College because friends informed me that this language college was the best in Christchurch. In the morning we learn about grammar and in the afternoon are more interesting and fun subjects. My teachers at the college are Kelly, Anton and Chris. Kelly is really kind and patient teacher. Chris is a great teacher. I like studying and learning in his class because his class is very interesting! Anton is a great teacher too. His teaching style is very special. I have made many friends here. There are many kinds of ethnicities and they are all very friendly and that makes it easy to become friends with them. In my free time I like to go shopping, study at the library or just stay at home and relax. In my time I like to learn new words on my own. At lunch time, I talk with my friends and teachers.

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