Aim comes from Bangkok and she speaks Thai. She chose our General English Full Time course. Read more below to find out about her life at Canterbury College and in Christchurch.

I chose Canterbury College because there are talented teachers and friendly staff members here. It is also easy to get to this school because it is in the city centre. I am studying General English. Louise is my morning teacher. She always pays attention to the students. She finds out what the problem is for each student and does her best to fix it. The morning classes mainly focuses on grammar, writing, and reading. And in the afternoon, classes focus on speaking. The classes in the afternoon are funnier than the morning class.

The IELTS class at Canterbury College are very good and the General English classes have interesting subjects to learn and are a lot of fun. I try to find some friends who are from another country (not the same as yours). It makes your English improve a lot. Also be friendly at all times! Keep smiling to other people and start talking to them if you get a smile back. In my free time I usually go to the library after class has finished catching up on homework. After that I come back home and watch TV to practice my listening for 2 hours. I think Christchurch is a suitable place for studying (especially English language) because there are a lot of things to accommodate your learning and to improve your English.

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