Advantages and Disadvantages about different cultures. – Student Essay

Hatim working hard on the computer

Read below to check out an awesome essay written by one of our many talented students about the differences between cultures!!

The world has lots of cultures. There are many differences between them. There are both advantages and disadvantages to mixing with people from other cultures.

On the plus side, it is really interesting  to be many and different cultures. The must thing is to know about other cultures and also when you travel abroad, you find out new things that is different from your culture. Moreover, when people discover a new culture in another country, that will help to connect between the people and different culture.

On the other hand, the big problem that they face is, when people fall in love with someone of another culture. For example I know some people who can’t or find it hard to get married to people from other countries. Indeed I knew some stories from my friend about this problem. Even so, they still find a solution for that.

Eventually the world will getting to be like one culture. Emphasizing the world will have a culture as a European culture. In this case in my opinion, it will be easy to get from any culture and place you like. But the travelling getting less than before. But nothing different, all the same.


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