We have students arriving from warm and sunny Brazil!!


Keep reading to find out more about Brazil you might not have known about!!


Did you know? . .

*Brazil is the world’s fifth biggest country. It covers an area larger than Western Europe and is slightly bigger than the United States excluding Alaska. 


*  Brazil shares a border with every other country in South America apart from Ecuador and Chile – ten in total – and has lived in peace with all of them for almost 140 years. (The last South American war involving Brazil was the conflict between the ‘Triple Alliance’ and Paraguay in the 1860s.)


*The city of Rio de Janeiro throws a New Year’s Eve party that is probably the biggest – and arguably the most spectacular – in the world. Around two million people, all of them dressed at least partly in white (a popular tradition adopted from Afro-Brazilian religion), congregate on the huge crescent-shaped expanse of Copacabana beach to watch a midnight firework display.

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