The People’s Republic of China – Student Essay

The full name of China is the ‘People’s Republic of China”, and in China, the political system is ‘The Communist Party’.

People’s Republic of China was built 61 years ago. The first chairman of ‘The Communist Party’ constituted a rule to the party which was, the authority must always act in the best interest of the community in all serves, all the members of the party have to abide by it forever.

China is a communist country but the people have a democratic right which is to vote. Voting right is a very important part of democratic right of the chinese people. People can decide who can work for the government or join The Communist Party by vote when they are over 18 years old, and the constitution guards the right of people.

Nowadays, bribery is a big problem for China, because in the political realm, bribery seriously undermines the democracy. However the government already takes strict measures against all forms of political corruption.

– Will

Did you know? . . .

* Power in the People’s Republic is divided between the National People’s Congress (NPC), the President, and the State Council. The NPC is the single legislative body, whose members are selected by the Communist Party. The State Council, headed by the Premier, is the administrative branch. The People’s Liberation Army also wields considerable political power.

* The current President of China and General Secretary of the Communist Party is Hu Jintao. The Premier is Wen Jiabao.


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