Dunedin and Oamaru Weekend Trip


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English School Tours


* Oamaru Penguin Colony

*Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour

* Stop at Moeraki Boulders for sightseeing and Photos. See Oamaru old town

* The World’s Steepest Street (Baldwin Street, Dunedin) – get your free certificate!

* Walking tour of central Dunedin (Railway Station etc.)

* Options: Speight’s Brewery (+$18 with samples)


When: Friday 7th May (after lunch) – Sunday 9 May

Transport:  Pickup 12:30 – 01:30pm on Friday

                             Drop-off bus exchange/school around 6pm Sunday

Price: $260

Contact: 03 3289001, 027 261 5093 for more information

” Dunedin has great architecture, amazing history, it’s quite young with all the uni students down there so there are lots of things for the youth to do” – Amanda White

Did you know? . . .

* Dunedin is the second largest city of New Zealand’s South Island (after Christchurch)

* Baldwin Street, in a suburban part of New Zealand’s southern city of Dunedin, is reputed to be the world’s steepest street.

* The name Oamaru apparently derives from Māori words meaning the place of Maru

Richie McCaw (All Blacks captain) was born in Oamaru

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