Student Essay

Check out this awesome essay that won first place in the essay competition at Canterbury College about ‘Best Friends’

My Best Friend

My best friend is a boy, his name is Nielei. He is a little short and thin, just up to my shoulder, he looks the wind can blow him away. He has black short hair and a straight delicate nose. He has a round face with black eyes on it. Generally he is a handsome boy.

He is very generous, for example, if I forget to take money with me, he would buy me something to eat for lunch; if we played ball games, after that he would buy some water for me. He is also sincere, for example, he never told lies to me, and if he found money on the ground, he would pick them up and then give it to the police. He is modest, so he was never show off himself and very polite to everyone.

We have same habits, such as reading novel, playing ball games, plying computer games and many things as well. After School we always went to the playground to play tennis and basketball. We also went to the library to borrow novels. If we had free time, we would go fishing at the weekend. We have fun when we played together. The day before I left China, all my friends came to my house; we played all day long, as I would leave them for a long time. We all enjoyed the last time we were together, He said, “We are friends, remember me wherever you go”.

Ivan. (Student)


One response to “Student Essay

  1. He sounds like a really good friend, and a nice person! 🙂

    You have a nice descriptive writing style! Congrats on winning!

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