Thai Students from Bangkok


This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming 7 new students from Thailand, who are studying General English for 5 weeks at Canterbury College. The students are here as part of a holiday course from their country.


Here is what Les (teacher) has to say so far about teaching the Thai students.


“They are great students. Very fun to teach, its part of the norm!!”


Did you know?  . . . .


*  the King of Thailand is an American citizen

*  The Thai greeting “Sawatdee” was invented during the Second World War. Before that, people greeted each other by asking if they had eaten yet.

* The longest place-name in the world is the full name for Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand:


meaning: “The land of angels, the great city (of) immortality, various of devine gems, the great angelic land unconquerable, land of nine noble gems, the royal city, the pleasant capital, place of the grand royal palace, forever land of angels and reincarnated spirits, predestined and created by the highest Deva(s).”

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