Rock Climbing at The Roxx



Need a challenge??


Exceed your expectations,

Experience the thrill of reaching new heights!!



Friday’s Activity for this week will be INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING


WHERE: The Roxx

WHEN: Friday 9th April

PRICE: $10

TRANSPORT: Bus and walk


We will meet at 12:10 at Canterbury College outside the computer room at 12:10


Vienna Moemalo the admin assistant at Canterbury College had this to say about her experience at the roxx:

” It’s way fun. There’s different difficulty levels for different segments of your rock climbing walls that suits everyone from beginners to expert, you can give them all a try to have a good time!! “.


Did you know? . . .


* Indoor rock climbing is performed on a simulated rock climbing wall that is normally in indoor gyms and its  aim is to provide rock climbers a means with which to learn how to perform various aspects of rock climbing in a controlled as well as safe environment.

* An indoor rock climbing wall will be designed as well as produced in a most different manner with an ideal rock climbing wall providing climbers with various levels of difficulties so that both experts as well as newbie can get to improve their skills.


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