Sarayu from Thailand


My name is Sarayu Dittapan and I come from Thailand. I studied English on my own in Thailand for more than 2 years, but it wasn’t good enough. so I decided to study English abroad, therefore choosing Canterbury College, Christchurch, New Zealand as the college of my choice to study english.

I studied General English for six weeks before I changed my course to Cambridge exam preparation (FCE), which  focuses  extremely on every skill that is necessary in English, such as grammar, reading, listening and speaking. Even though the General English course is good with a relaxed atmosphere, I am now studying  Cambridge, because I would like to take the TOEIC test which is very useful and famous in my country for learning English.

With all the homework I receive and the focus of the Cambridge course on developing the main language skill, I know I will take the FCE exam with greater confidence.

In the future I am planning to apply for a pilot trainee examination in Thailand. These days, my english has improved much more than when I first attempted my pilot trainee exam, so my goal to be a pilot is still going strong.

Whatever happens in the future, learning english is still very useful and important. I am really glad that I chose New Zealand to learn english. It is my best experience so far!


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