Pasifika Cultural Lunch

A first at Canterbury College, today the Pasifika Cultural lunch was held in New Brighton to celebrate the graduation of 2 students from the Pasifika course.

The afternoon was filled with delicious flavours from the Pacific, Asian, Middle Eastern, South American along with European.

The teachers were treated like royalty as they sat at the head table, and presented with a lolly necklace, a Samoan tradition.

The students happily mingled together , chatting with each other, getting to know one another  a little bit more.

There was also dancing and singing from the Pasifika students that was enjoyed by all.

Here are some comments from those who attended:

* There was a tremendous response from students from different cultures who really enjoyed the day! – Miriam O’Connor

* I’ve never seen anything like it! – Anton, Teacher

* It was good to meet you all – Students Father

* I liked the lolly necklace and I felt important to sit at the head table. – Chris, Teacher

* I think I can learn from Pasifika People, and learn from human values. – Church Member

Overall the day was a blast and everyone had fun!!


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