Thai Agency visits our school.

Today we had a very special visit from a group from the Thai agency, NZstudy. They were taken on a tour around our very incredible school, led by our very own James Waghorn. The group then had a chance to take photos of the school and also take a photo with our barista tutor Amanda White. While here at the college they had a chance to talk with our 4 Thai students who are currently enrolled at our school, to find out how things were going here.

James Waghorn, one of our marketing managers had this to say about the visit:
“The visit went very well as the students had commented to the agency, that they were enjoying their time in Christchurch and in the college very much”

Keep your eyes open for more Thai students in the future!!

Did you know . . .
*Thailand is bigger than the United Kingdom, Iceland, Belgium and Austria combined.

*Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is one of the most beautiful places in Asia, a city where East meets West.

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